About Us


 At The Boston Drool we have one mission: to provide dog owners with a safe, reliable and trustworthy company. Our team believes that dogs thrive in structured environments where they can learn, socialize and explore every day. We proudly consider ourselves a partner in each dog’s health and soundness of mind and approach each relationship we have with our dogs with care, respect and love.

Our team is proud to offer a variety of services, flexible scheduling and peace of mind so you can concentrate on your day while you’re dog is getting the attention and exercise he/she deserves.

Lora Zabel, Owner


Lora grew up in a house full of animals and developed a passion for spending time with dogs and a curiosity for learning more about them. In 2015 she left her job in hospitality to pursue and create her dream job by starting The Boston Drool. Today she brings that same passion to her business with the thoughtful care and devotion that she dedicates to each dog she works with.

Lora believes that each relationship she builds with a dog deserves open mindedness and patience and she works tirelessly at understanding the individual needs of each dog and their unique personality. Her calm and confident demeanor sets her and the dogs up for success by creating a safe and empowering environment which in turn fosters better communication all around. Lora understands that her relationship with each dog she works with is constantly growing and evolving and she is dedicated to learning new and positive ways to overcome the obstacles together. 

In her free time, Lora enjoys cooking, reading and cuddling up on the couch with her two cats Bernie & Bruiser.

Service Areas

Jamaica Plain, Roslindale, West Roxbury, Dedham Center

The Boston Drool |  781-635-5975 | thebostondrool@gmail.com

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